February 06, 2023

COVID pandemic presented ‘silver linings’ for health care regulation, WHA head says

Despite the numerous challenges posed by COVID-19, the head of the Wisconsin Hospital Association says the pandemic also presented “a number of silver linings” related to regulations around health care. 

Speaking today during a Competitive Wisconsin event held at Western Technical College in Mauston, Eric Borgerding said he has viewed the last several years as “a giant regulatory reform pilot program.” 

“There was a lot of regulation, both at the state and federal level — much of it around telehealth or locations where care can be delivered — that was waived,” he said. “And we’ve learned a lot of lessons from those regulatory waivers that can serve us well going forward, especially as it relates to access to care and utilizing the workforce that we have.”

Along with spotlighting the benefits of telehealth for expanding access to certain types of primary care and behavioral health care, Borgerding also discussed a “hospital at home” program that provides certain patients with in-person care without going into the hospital. He said that’s important because it allows limited hospital beds and staffing to be used for those who “really, really need inpatient hospital care.” 

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